GSK to pay university tuition fees of new recruits

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is to reimburse 100% of uncapped tuition fees for all UK undergraduates joining the organisation.

The measure will be introduced from September 2012 to coincide with the government’s intention of introducing uncapped fees for students at UK universities.

GSK currently recruits between 50 and 100 undergraduate students a year into its UK graduate training programme or other roles within the organisation.

The forthcoming changes to tuition fees proposed by the government could see students incur fees of up to £27,000 for a three-year undergraduate degree course.

GSK will reimburse 100% of uncapped tuition fees upon commencement of full employment, and on the condition the employee remains with the organisation for a minimum of two years.

The changes are being introduced as part of GSK’s ongoing efforts to attract, recruit and retain talent, and reflect the changing environment in the UK for students.

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