Foundry worker paid £2.3 million for overtime

All employees would clamour to do overtime if a few extra hours turned them into millionaires.

This was the case for foundry worker Adam Young, whose employer, turbine-blade makers Alcoa Howmet, paid him overtime at £161,000 an hour instead of £11. This boosted his monthly salary from £2,000 to £1.3 million after tax.

The honest employee was rewarded with flowers and chocolates after declaring his fortune to the payroll department. However, according to The Sun, there was a brief moment when Young, who last month had a bank loan request to fund his wedding turned down, thought of trying to get away with the windfall.

A spokesperson from Alcoa Howmet, said: “It is correct that one of our Alcoa Howmet †employees in Exeter accidently received an incorrect payment two weeks ago. He acted immediately and reported the payment to the company, after which all was corrected. We are looking into the matter how this could have happened. The honesty and integrity the colleague displayed, is a great example of the good people we have at our company.”