Executive Offices Group research: Flexible working enhances productivity

The majority (87%) of respondents to the Executive Offices Group’s (EOG) Customer Service Survey said the greatest benefit for an employer offering flexible working is an increase in the efficiency and output of staff.

Respondents to the survey, which included entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the financial services, recruitment, technology, property, commodities and media sectors, also reported savings in overheads and a reduction in travel time and expenses as key benefits of a more flexible approach to work.

John Drover, chief executive officer of the Executive Offices Group, said: “There seems to be a negative perception among many larger businesses about how to offer flexible working without compromising production or maintaining service levels.

“There is a trust issue at play here too, both of employee productivity away from the office and the capacity of technology. This latest survey clearly shows entrepreneurs and smaller businesses are much clearer about the benefits of allowing a more flexible approach to work.

“The business case is persuasive and where innovative practices work best, they combine meeting the needs of the organisation, its customers and the individual.”

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