Dog owners are willing to take a pay cut to bring their pooch to work

The phrase ‘it’s a dogs life’ could easily be applied to the working world, especially towards the end of the financial year – a frenetic time for most businesses and their employees.

However, organisations that adopt a dog-friendly policy could reduce the cost of their salary bill after research from Maris Interiors found that 14% of dog owners would be willing to take a pay cut if they were allowed to bring their pet to work.

A further 38% said they would consider changing jobs if it meant they were able to bring their dog into work. In addition, 16% of dog owners would give up one week of annual leave in order to have their pooch in the office.

However 68% of employees without dogs would be unhappy to work in an environment with dogs. Common concerns included fleas, chewed cables and litter.

Michael Howard, chairman of Maris Interiors, said: “We should perhaps be a little cautious about encouraging dogs in the workplace. While they might boost morale for the dog-lovers at work, we have to respect the views of the majority of employees who do not have dogs and do not want their cables chewed.”