Tesco promotes online health checks

Tesco is to promote free online health checks to staff over the next three months, with a particular focus on middle-aged employees.

The retail giant will add a link to the NHS MidLife Check to its benefits website, giving staff the chance assess their health and be given tips on how to improve their lifestyle. This will be supported by a full-page article in the company’s in-house magazine this month, while in April, mirror vinyls will be placed in toilets at sites across the UK; and in May roadshows will visit 10 Tesco distribution centres.

Colin Williams, occupational health manager at Tesco, said: “We want people to understand how the health choices they make and inform and support them. The choices they make now are going to affect their health and performance later in life.”

Williams added the health drive was initiated to address health issues in three key areas: inactivity, poor diet and smoking. “People tend to develop lifestyle-related health problems in their 40s so that is why we are targeting this age bracket,” he added.

Staff will be able to keep a running check on their health assessment via a dedicated page on Tesco’s benefits site, Your Benefits.

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