Singer Mouskouri to donate pension

Singing superstar Nana Mouskouri is doing her bit to address the Greek tragedy of her home country’s finances by donating her European Parliament pension to ease pressure on the Hellenic public purse.
Mouskouri, who as well as selling more than 300 million records somehow found time to serve as a Euro MP from 1994 to 1999, feels it is her “duty to the country” as Greece is crippled by debt.
The bespectacled warbler has recorded 1,500 songs in seven languages during her career. Now Mouskouri, ‘famous’ for her hit The White Rose of Athens, is urging fellow Greeks to help their country, saying she did not want it to be “treated like a dunce”.
Maybe if a few more EU MPs gave up their pensions and expenses we would all be looking at a rosier economic situation.