Serco switches employee assistance programme provider

Serco has switched employee assistance programme (EAP) providers from PPC to Unum Ceridian for its new local government and commercial division, which covers 14,000 employees.

Following a recent reorganisation that brought three parts of its business into the new division, the service and outsourcing company wanted to focus in on the consistency of employee benefits that are offered across its diverse range of employees.

Ian Greaves, HR director at Serco, said: “An added complication for Serco is the fact our business is predominantly made up of contracts that we win and we transfer employees in on existing terms and conditions under [transfer of undertakings (protection of employment)] Tupe. 

“Serco as an organisation is complex and there is no common one-size-fits-all approach. We have had a range of providers and some divisions are aligning to Unum on the basis of consistency of offering and economy of scale.”

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