Research: Dental perks bring a smile to staff

Dental benefits are seen as an integral way to improve staff morale and reduce sickness absence.

In Simplyhealth’s Dental Survey 2010, 67% of respondents believe dental benefits improve morale, up from 51% in 2008. The figure for companies that believe dental benefits reduce absence has also increased, from 30% in 2008 to 66% in 2010.

Almost 50% of respondents said they would implement dental perks out of concern for workers’ oral health and 71% were concerned staff could not afford to maintain oral health.

Despite 74% saying employers should be responsible for looking after the oral health of staff, 10% discourage staff from attending dental appointments during working hours. This figure has more than doubled since last year, when 4% said the same.

Of employers that offer dental perks, 37% have found it easier to control time off for appointments, 41% have seen a reduction in time off due to dental problems, and 47% have seen an increase in engagement.

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