National Trust offers stressed city workers bottled fresh air

In response to new research that shows 74% of UK urban workers feel stressed on a daily basis, the National Trust is handing out fresh air that has been bottled at some of the country’s favourite outdoor venues.

The National Trust is offering 100 bottles of fresh air in recycled glass jars to employees (these can be applied for through the National Trust website).

The research, which was conducted by independent online researcher Fly Research, surveyed city workers from across the UK and found that 70% of those polled feel more relaxed once they have escaped the confines of the city.

Other outdoor stress relievers included: seeing the sea (72%), taking a walk in the countryside (66%) and feeling the sand between our toes (33%).

The giveaway leads up to the National Trust’s free weekend on 20-21 March, as the organisation opens the doors of its hundreds of castles, windmills, gardens and estate houses to the public.

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