Mothers should earn £435k a year

Forget bankers and MPs, mums would be wallowing in cash if a new poll is to be believed.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching and petrol station forecourts set to be besieged by the forgetful and hard-up in search of that last-minute posey of flowers, those who say their mums’ efforts are “priceless” may not be far wrong.

The poll, conducted by, has looked into the top 10 most appreciated jobs that mothers do without charging their children, and calculated they could earn up to £435,000 a year if they requested a salary.

The calculation is based on the average salary range for each job in the top 10. If all the upper limits were added together it would come to an impressive £435,000 – more than even the prime minister earns.

One shudders to think of the cost if you were to add in a pension, insurance, flexible benefits, health screening, cycle-to-work…