I-level revamps reward offering

A new employee benefits scheme launched by digital communication agency I-level has garnered a 99% approval rating from employees.

As well as traditional benefits such as holiday, dental and health cover, the new scheme, which is provided by Thomsons Online Benefits and called I-benefit, includes half-days off on birthdays, wild card training vouchers for non-work related courses, broadband and mobile phones, and discount dining.

The scheme was communicated via mobile phones, online animations and USB sticks.

James Miller, HR director at I-level, said: “It was good using digital media because at the end of the day that is what we are about as a company. People have found it really good fun and I am really pleased with the concept we have come up with.”

Staff opinions were also taken into account before the scheme was revamped. Surveys and focus groups found employees were keen to remove paper from the benefits process and to transition administration to an online system. Additional interests included face-to-face meetings to explain benefits and options for tailoring their own benefits packages.

On top of the 99% of staff who have said their benefits package has improved, three-quarters have tailored their benefits using the new online portal, pension take-up has nearly doubled, and over 77% of staff agree the launch has had a positive impact on motivation and engagement.

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