Half of employees feel they are paid less than they are worth

Half of employees feel they are paid less than what they are worth.

According to research by the Institute of Payroll Professionals (IPP), 6% claim they are paid considerably less than what they deserve.

Other findings revealed nearly two-thirds of employees would ask their employer for a pay rise if they knew that a colleague in a similar role was getting paid more.

One in five workers would go as far as threaten to leave their company but would stay if they were offered a pay rise.

Lindsay Melvin, chief executive of the IPP, said: “As the economy starts moving in a positive direction, people will start feeling more secure in their jobs and fears of redundancy will decrease.

“Employees who were unhappy in their jobs during the worst part of the recession may start looking for other opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, it is important for employers to ensure that their staff do not feel undervalued.

“Even if an organisation is not in the financial position to offer pay rises this year, there are other viable alternatives to help retain staff and preserve employee loyalty. One such example is offering an attractive and flexible benefits and rewards package.”

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