Disney staff help to plant Magical wood

Mickey Mouse joined 300 Disney Store employees from all over the UK to plant the first 7,500 of the ‘Magical Wood’, 50 acres of woodland which forms part of the Woodland Trust’s Heartwood Forest.

Once planted, the forest, near Sandridge, Herts, will become England’s largest new native hardwood.

Since announcing its collaboration with the Woodland Trust in March 2009 Disney Store has donated £1 from the sale of each of its 2009 Earth Day re-usable shopping bags, as well as all profits from the sales of regular plastic carrier bags to the Woodland Trust as well as support its efforts to manage more than 1,000 woods across the UK.

To date more than £160,000 has been raised, which was enough to start planting the first 7,500 trees.

John Tucker, England director of the Woodland Trust, who attended the event, said: “I was very impressed with all of Disney Store’s employees who braved the elements to plant trees at the Magical Wood site.†

“This was a momentous occasion as these trees will become woodland within 10 years, for generations of people to enjoy.”

After the last trees were planted all of the employees retired to a marquee where they were greeted by none other than Mickey Mouse, who made a special guest to thank everyone for taking part.”

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