Vebnet alliance will roll flex into Ceridian’s pay platform

Payroll provider Ceridian has formed an alliance with flexible benefits provider Vebnet to deliver flexible benefits to Ceridian’s payroll customers.

Ceridian, which runs human resources (HR) and payroll services for one-in-eight UK employers, will offer Vebnet’s branded flex services through Ceridian’s payroll platform. Its clients will be able to access flex, total reward and payroll through the same contract and run it all through the same computer system.

Employers that sign up for the service will also be offered a payroll audit, full benefits review, online employee assistance programme and online payslips.

All new clients will have their data transferred using technology specifically designed to fit with Ceridian’s payroll, eliminating the risk of losing data in the set-up. Nick Thomson, director of SMEs and alliances at Ceridian, said: “Both parties have invested significantly in integrating the products to ensure secure data transfer between the two systems. In addition, there will be only one password to remember for both systems.”

Consultants from both Vebnet and Ceridian have been working on the project for a year. They will continue to share expertise and ensure they have full knowledge of each other’s products.

James Verner, sales director at Vebnet, said: “We think it is going to shake the market up quite a bit. It will take risk out of the project. One of the biggest risks when setting up flex is the HR and payroll integration. This alliance is creating a safe way of doing this and adding extra value.”