Asda launches reward scheme

Asda has launched an Olympic-inspired reward and recognition scheme to motivate team performance among its 164,000 employees.

Through the scheme, called Going for Gold, staff will be set team targets depending on the business area in which they work. For example, shop-floor staff will be judged on criteria such as improving customers’ experience and generating sales. Team performance will be measured twice a year, and staff will be able to track whether they are on target for an award via large noticeboards in their workplace, as well as through a dedicated area on the Asda intranet.

High-achieving teams will be awarded plaques, and individual employees will receive pin badges. The retailer is also considering introducing discounts on Asda products for teams that exceed targets. Jayne Tory, reward manager, said: “We want to recognise and allow everyone to understand that everyone in the team matters.”

Asda is planning to run the scheme throughout 2009 and 2010.