Peer1 offers bonuses to new recruits who quit their jobs

Web hosting firm Peer1 is offering £1,000 bonuses to new recruits that quit their jobs shortly after starting work as part of efforts to employ the highest-calibre staff.

The global firm will be giving a £1,000 cash payout, dubbed the ‘Foxtrot Oscar’ bonus, to all employees who leave within the first two-weeks of taking up a job at its European HQ based in Southampton. The bonus has been designed to ensure the firm employs staff with the very best technical, sales and customer service talent.

Dominic Monkhouse, UK managing director at Peer1, said: “If you are the most driven, ambitious, enthused, charming and downright brilliant candidate out there, we’ll give you a great job in a cool office, pay you a good salary, and give you endless self-development opportunities.

“We’re hell-bent on being the best B2B services company in any sector. For that reason I am offering any new employee £1,000 cash to leave in the first two weeks. This way only those employees who really get it, who are thoroughly and wholeheartedly committed to raising the standards in hosting and service to the highest level will stay.”

Other benefits that are enjoyed by employees at Peer1 include a ‘free-food day’ the day before payday. In addition the firm will run ‘cock-up of the month’, giving employees the opportunity to learn from and celebrate mistakes. To help staff let off steam, PlayStations will be provided in the office and 4pm on Friday will become ‘beer o’clock.’