Asda offers staff the chance to star in TV advert

Asda is engaging employees in its next advertising campaign by giving them the chance to win starring roles in a television advert.

As part of efforts to engage its workforce with the relaunch of its ‘pocket tap’ advert, the retailer has invited employees to take part in a simultaneous ‘pocket tap’, which was held in Adsa stores this week.

Employees were given the chance to film their colleagues doing the pocket tap. Entries can be uploaded to, and the best will win parts in the next advert, which will be filmed at the store of the employee chosen to perform the leading role.

An Asda spokesperson said: “It’s just a bit of fun; the kind of thing Asda is known for among colleagues.”

Starting this week, new colleagues will also be taught how to do the perfect pocket tap as part of their induction.