Ernst & Young offers financial education

Ernst & Young has invited all its UK employees who are part of its defined contribution (DC) arrangement to attend financial education workshops in May.

There will be two workshops, with one short session that will look at the mechanics of the firm’s DC scheme and a longer, half-day session that will tackle wider issues, such as retirement planning and the state pension. The number of sessions held will depend on employee demand.

Tim Carney, pensions manager at Ernst & Young, said: “We are inviting people to register their interest and then we will have nationwide sessions that depend on demand.”

The workshops will also give the accountancy firm an idea of the main issues staff have around pensions, and which employees are interested in the benefit. The firm will use the information to segment its workforce and better target pensions communications. “We want to get an understanding of what employees want. Different segments will have different agendas around pensions,” said Carney.