BSkyB launches online total reward statements

BSKYB is launching total reward statements for the first time at the end of March, to enable staff to see the value of all their benefits in one place.

The statements will be made available online for all the media company’s 15,000 employees, but field-based staff who have limited access to the internet will also receive a paper-based statement at the launch stage.

Dev Raval, group head of reward at BSkyB, said: “Core benefits information will be on the internet and then, if staff want more information, there will be links to the intranet.”

The statements are being made available online so that staff can dip in and out of the site throughout the year.

“We didn’t want to do things on paper because the paper statements have an impact the day they are delivered. Staff look at them and think they are good, but then they file them,” said Raval.