Atkins’ senior managers to receive global statements

Atkins is planning to roll out online total reward statements to senior management across the globe so they can access details of their benefits package in one place, like their UK colleagues.

The construction firm launched online total reward statements for 600 UK-based senior management staff in February. This was the first time senior management had been given access to details of their entire reward package in one place.

This summer, a further 200 members of senior management working in the US, Middle East, China and Canada will be given access to online total reward statements whenever they choose.

Iain Willetts, head of reward at Atkins, said: “The aim is to offer an effective presentation of the remuneration package. I would say this is about reminding executives of the full value of their financial reward proposition. Improving the quality and effectiveness of our reward communications [globally] is a key element of our reward strategy.”

The firm has decided to initially limit total reward statements to senior management because Willetts believes these employees will benefit most from seeing the breakdown of their benefits, which can be complex and include long-term shares and bonuses. But it is the firm’s long-term objective to roll out statements to every employee, regardless of seniority and location.

The online statements, provided by Vebnet, will be on a global platform, so that regardless of which country the employee is working in, the statement will look the same.

“The challenge was to accommodate the different remuneration elements operating in other countries within the same delivery format. Different benefits packages apply to other countries, but we wanted to put them all on the same platform,” said Willetts.

Atkins employs 17,000 staff worldwide.