A green fleet saves costs

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When oil briefly reached $100 a barrel in January, it served as a clear warning that carbon has not only got a footprint but also a potentially painful kick.

It may be only a gas, but carbon can inflict a heavy toll on fleet budgets. Every tonne of CO2 emitted by a fleet costs around £400 to buy as diesel or petrol. Each litre of fuel burned by business drivers turns into two kilograms of CO2 to add to their employers’ carbon footprint – and tax bill.

Green fleet management is about good business, not just good intentions. Saving wildflower meadows, polar bears and the planet are only part of the issue. In fact, going green could literally save your business.

The UK government is talking of a looming ‘energy gap’ in just a few years that will hit all aspects of doing business, especially fleets and transport. Businesses that haven’t taken steps to lessen their fuel use will undoubtedly struggle should we enter, as we probably will, a period of much higher and more volatile pump prices.

That is why it’s essential for fleets to start plotting a path to a low carbon future today. It is a task that calls for employers and drivers to challenge their assumptions and embrace new attitudes.

This Employee Benefits supplement, therefore, is very timely. It offers a wealth of information and advice for those taking on the crucial task of winning over hearts and minds in order to move their organisations forward towards a lower dependence on fossil fuel.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of car schemes and fleet funding, Alphabet is already working with many employers to reduce their costs and improve efficiency. We are delighted to be the sponsor of this guide to creating secure and sustainable fleets that are lighter on both the environment and the bottom line.†

Mark Sinclair
Director, Alphabet

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