Staff feel undervalued by lack of recognition

Only a quarter of employees believe they receive enough praise in the workplace although 72% of staff think it is important to be acknowledged for the work they do.

According to research from leadership coaching firm White Water Strategies, two thirds of staff feel under valued by not hearing the words ‘thank you’ enough from their employer.

Bosses in London thank their employees the most for a job well done (30%), while 39% of staff in Scotland feel †they do not receive enough thanks.

Overall, 72% of staff feel it is important that senior staff thank them personally and a mere 3% of employees do not feel that it is important to say ‘thank you’.

Averil Leimon, director of White Water Strategies, said: “It is not a question of being nice- saying ‘thank you’ fundamentally affects the bottom line. Staff are primarily motivated by two key areas- financial reward and a happy working environment. Our analysis shows that acknowledging staff achievements properly has the equivalent perceived value of a 1% pay rise. Looking at current employment figures, that translates to [a] £5.2bn saving for UK business.”