Arcadia clarifies its flexible benefits offering with a rebrand

Arcadia Group has rebranded its flexible benefits scheme after a survey showed that staff didn’t fully understand what perks were on offer.

In some instances, employees had suggested benefits that they would like to see in future schemes, which were already included in the flex package.

Niamh Collings, reward manager at the retail group, said: “Communication hadn’t been looked at for a while, and the scheme started to die a death. While we knew we wanted to keep flex, it had become a bit tired.”

The new package, which has been branded Flexible Reward for this year’s enrolment period, has been strategically designed to contain user-friendly language and vibrant colours to encourage more of the firm’s employees to buy into the scheme.

Although Arcadia has no plans to move flexible benefits online, it has also revamped its intranet site to communicate details of the scheme. It will provide more information, including the benefits on offer.

There is only one change to the benefits offered through the scheme for this year’s election period. The length of time for which staff must keep a vehicle obtained through the company’s contract hire car scheme before they can change has been cut from four years to 12 months.

“We felt that we [already] had the full range of benefits with private medical insurance, dental insurance and travel insurance, health screening and holiday trading in there,” said Collings.

Last year, 74%of staff participated in the flexible benefits scheme. Collings would like to see this rise to 85% when the new flex year launches in May.