Super union to form in May

Members of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) have voted to merge and form a two-million member-strong union.

Some 86%†of T&G members, and 70% of Amicus members voted in favour of merging to form the country’s biggest trade union. Both unions achieved a 27% turnout.

The new union will come into being on 1 May and will cover industries including: transport; manufacturing; aviation; food and farming; the financial sector, public services and the voluntary sector.

Derek Simpson, Amicus general secretary, said: "It is a precursor to the creation of a single global trade union movement capable of challenging the might of multinationals who seek to play workforces and governments off against each other to reduce jobs and hard won pay and conditions."

Simpson and T&G leader Tony Woodley will serve as joint general secretaries of the new union until a sole general secretary will be elected in a membership ballot in 2010.