Employee Benefits/Lorica 100 Club Thinktank debate

Welcome to the inaugural Employee Benefits/Lorica 100 Club Thinktank debate, which represents the opinions of some of the Hot 100 lists from 2012, 2013 and 2014, which collectively make up the 100 Club network.

Read a digital edition of the Employee Benefits/Lorica 100 Club Thinktank debate


The report includes the following articles:

Sponsor’s comment: Tobin Murphy-Coles: A complex challenge

Clare Bettelley: HR and benefits professionals need support to perform their roles

Hot 100 Club Research: Difficulty of aligning benefits and business strategies is biggest threat to engagement

Hot 100 Club Research: 76% say pay helps to motivate staff

Hot 100 Club Research: 76% expect performance-based bonuses to be core to future pay deals

Hot 100 Club Research: Cost is biggest barrier to staff health and wellbeing

Hot 100 Club Research: Diabetes is biggest potential threat to staff health

Hot 100 Club Research: 43% expect to have to plug NHS support gap

Hot 100 Club Research: 57% say removal of pension commission is a positive move

Hot 100 Club Research: 57% expect increased spend on HR/benefits technology

Hot 100 Club Research: 52% say technology is key to engaging staff in savings

Healthcare: Employers’ challenges in supporting employee health and wellbeing

Pay: How to deliver both good and tough messages on incentives

Pensions: Why employers are struggling to engage staff in workplace pensions

Technology: Is benefits technology helping or hindering HR and benefits professionals?

Employee value proposition: Key challenges in delivering the EVP of the future

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Read a digital edition of the Employee Benefits/Lorica 100 Club Thinktank debate