76% expect performance-based bonuses to be core to future pay deals

A large majority of employers (76%) believe performance-related bonuses will be a core feature of future pay deals, according to the exclusive Employee Benefits/Lorica 100 Club research 2014, published in June. 


But only 26% believe discretionary bonuses will remain. 

In terms of basic pay, 56% of the 55 respondents that shared their views about the key features of future pay deals believe set basic pay will remain the primary feature of employers’ pay deals, with just 24% expecting flexible basic pay to gain popularity. 

Just 4% of respondents do not believe future pay deals will feature higher levels of basic pay rather than bonuses. 

The research is based on responses from members of Employee Benefits’ Hot 100 lists from 2012, 2013 and 2014, which collectively make up the 100 Club network. 

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