MiddletonMurray launches employee steps challenge

Recruitment and training organisation MiddletonMurray has launched a steps challenge for its 100 UK-based employees.

The 30 Million Steps Challenge, which is taking place across the organisation’s five UK sites, will encourage employees across the business to walk 10,000 steps every day in June to collectively complete 30 million steps.

Staff members will each measure their own progress during the challenge, using the health app available on iPhones.

The steps challenge has been implemented to align with the organisation‚Äôs core value around the concept of ‚Äėstate‚Äô: that a healthy state of body leads to a healthy state of mind.

Employees have been provided with an organisation branded sports kit, which they can wear when completing their steps as well as around the office.

The three employees who complete the most steps over the course of the month will each win an Apple watch.

MiddletonMurray will also donate up to £6,000 to Cancer Research UK as part of the challenge. This equates to £200 for every million steps taken, providing extra motivation to staff who wish to support this cause.

Angela Middleton (pictured), chairman and founder at MiddletonMurray, said: “There is a strong connection between business success and health, and the MiddletonMurray 30 Million Steps Challenge is a great example of this.

‚ÄúThere is always a risk that staff can become overworked or stressed, but this event ensures all of our team are thinking about getting out in the fresh air to hit their 10,000 steps a day target. We‚Äôre giving our people complete flexibility to get out and walk during work time and they are encouraged to wear their sports kit in the office.”