Capita sees 200% increase in engagement with health and wellbeing campaign

Lee Gruskin

Capita achieved a 200% increase in employee engagement with its health and wellbeing campaign following a four-week engagement initiative.

In November 2015, the organisation launched its Health and Body MOT campaign with the aim of engaging staff with their wellbeing and driving take up of the health screening available to them through the organisation’s flexible benefits programme.

The campaign saw 882 employees actively sign up for ongoing communication and reminders around health and wellbeing, representing a 200% increase. Take up of the health screening benefit, provided by Bluecrest Wellness, increased by 17% from 382 to 446.

The campaign included roadshow events that featured mini-checks and challenges, and demonstrations by Bluecrest Wellness. The health screenings were promoted on the organisation’s online benefits platform.

The screenings include cancer checks, organ-function testing, diabetes checks, blood tests and associated screenings as well as a variety of fitness assessments. With a range of packages available to suit the diverse requirements of its 70,000-strong workforce, other benefits include a free 24/7 private GP helpline, and detailed health reports.

Through the health screening provision, Capita aims to offer its staff affordable and accessible price points, as well as the convenience of undergoing screening at 1,700 mobile sites across the UK.

Lee Gruskin (pictured), principle consultant, health management at Capita, said: “Because we are such a disparate [organisation] in terms of having offices all over the country, we needed somewhere that could effectively be on the doorstep of every single employee. We needed something that could be accessible from the north of Scotland to the south west of England.

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“[Employees have] said we are interested in our health and now we are able to access affordable health measures, we want to know what the next steps are. It’s great to see because if you only change one person’s thinking or you spot one illness that wouldn’t have been found, then it’s obviously worth it, because the tangible costs of someone going off sick or not looking after their health can be massive.

“By putting those up front, preventative measures and some of the education around it [in place], we’ve been able to get people interested in health and see how actually the work place can help them and not be aloof and distant. A happy and healthy workforce is of much more benefit than someone who has to be off or having to replace them and the morale going down in the team and productivity dropping off.”