Employers need to do more for employee health

Moxham Katharine-Grid-group risk-2015

Employers need to do more for the health and wellbeing of their workforce, and the upcoming Employee Benefits Post-Election special briefing will help HR and benefits professionals to anticipate the forthcoming likely changes to this agenda under the Conservative government, according to expert panellist Katharine Moxham, spokesperson at industry body Group Risk Development (Grid).

The post-election special event for HR and benefits professionals, held on 15 June, will cover the possible health and wellbeing policy changes during a panel debate.

Moxham believes that employers need to make sure they are adhering to best practice health and wellbeing, no matter what changes may or may not occur, and that a seven-day-a-week NHS might not be feasible.

Moxham said: “More and more employers are starting to realise that a healthy workforce is a more productive one.

“Let’s start supporting staff before they need to stop work due to illness or injury. It’s that kind of preventative care that is the key to stopping long-term absences.

“There is talk of the NHS becoming available seven days a week, but whether this is actually feasible or not is another story entirely.”

The impact of the Fit for Work service, which is currently being rolled out by government, and the future of workplace health and wellbeing will also be debated at the half-day event. 

“It [the Fit for Work service] won’t provide the help employees need at all, so other support services will continue to be necessary to keep staff in work.

“Employers are likely to continue moving away from public provision healthcare.”

The Employee Benefits Post-Election Special event will cover everything employers need to know now about the impact of the election and the new government’s policies on benefits.

More information on the panel debate can be found here.