69% of employers do not monitor employees’ physical health

Over two-thirds (69%) of organisations do not have processes in place to monitor the physical health of employees, according to a study from Unum.

Get healthy

The survey, which was made up of 401 responses from employers, also revealed that 66% of respondents have nothing in place to monitor their staff’s mental health.

It also found:

  • More than a third (34%) of respondents do not have any kind of wellbeing strategy.
  • One in seven (15%) respondents communicate their wellbeing strategy to staff at least once a month.
  • Just one in 10 (11%) provide compulsory training to managers on their organisation’s wellbeing strategy and benefits.

Linda Levesque, HR director at Unum, said: “Workplace wellbeing is quickly climbing the agenda as businesses realise the real value it can make both to employee engagement and the bottom line.

“However, while many businesses have taken proactive steps to improve the support on offer to staff, they need to take a more holistic approach.

“So while respondents may have brought in a great new scheme to help improve employee health, unless they communicate this to staff and train line managers on how and when to offer it, they are not making the most of the associated benefits.”