Unum launches mental health first aid courses

Unum has launched mental health first aid courses for employees in organisations which have taken out its policies for their workforces.


The two-day course, which was developed by Mental Health First Aid England, includes:

  • Training for employees to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health.
  • Empowering employees to provide help and support on a first-aid basis.
  • Helping employees guide people with mental health problems towards the right support services.
  • Covering a range of mental health problems, from stress through to more serious conditions, such as depression and psychosis.

The course is delivered through a partnership between Unum and training organisation Minding Your Business.

Employers can opt to provide on-site sessions for their employees. 

Andrew Potterton (pictured), head of proposition development at Unum, said: “Just as every workplace has access to first aid in response to injury or physical illness, we want all employers to have first aiders to support colleagues with mental health problems

“There remains considerable stigma and misunderstanding around mental health and we aim to tackle this head on by helping employers equip their workplaces with the skills and knowledge to handle these issues effectively.

“We hope this drive will support recent moves in government, in healthcare and among employers to push mental health up the workplace agenda.”