Team building tips from a day at the zoo


Something for the weekend…

When an employer sends employees on a staff day out to train, bond and develop team skills, perhaps the best place to do so is at the zoo.

Eighteen traffic wardens who patrol the streets of Ashford, Kent, were sent to nearby Port Lympne Wild Animal Park to do just that.

But they were not monkeying around. The idea behind the visit was to train colleagues and boost morale within a team that has high levels of turnover.

Employee Benefits feels that some vital lessons could have been learned from the park’s animals.

Perhaps the traffic wardens could have picked up tips from the gibbons on how to bond and stay together, learned how to become strong and courageous from the lions, and how to run fast after placing parking fines on cars from the zoo’s cheetahs.

But the day was not just full of educational learning and staff team building. The 18 wardens even managed to get their hands dirty by helping muck out the animals.