Spoof book used in Amazon pay protest

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As some organisations continue to fail to pay the living wage, one way to get an employer’s attention might be to bring it to their customers’ attention.

Campaigners Amazon Anonymous, which protests the fact that online retailer Amazon does not pay staff the living wage, did just that, opting to take a different approach to simply asking staff to strike.

It took directly to the organisation’s website and published a spoof book titled A Living Wage for All Amazon Workers.

The book appeared on the site on 11 June priced at £7.65, the living wage for employees in the UK outside of London.

One reviewer described the product as the best that can be found on Amazon and another called it life changing.

The campaigners also created a petition at Change.org, which stated: “Despite billions in sales and a commitment to be ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company’, Amazon has yet to respond to tens of thousands of customers calling on them to do the right thing: pay their workers a fair wage they can live on.”

Amazon has yet to succumb to the pressure, despite a petition also receiving more than 63,000 signatures. Maybe campaigners’ next step will be to call on the Chinese technique of sending 1,000 ducklings to end the dispute.

Amazon declined to comment.