Hardest working man…ever?

Did you wake up feeling tired, dejected and underpaid? Fear not – here is one young man to inspire you.

David Day undertakes a staggering five paid positions and six voluntary posts with which he estimates he clocks up 50 hours’ work per week.

The 21-year-old, who earns just £500 a month, told the Daily Mirror: “There’s a perception that young people won’t do anything for nothing, but there are people my age out there who want to help others.”

Day’s jobs include:

  • Lunchtime junior school attendant.
  • Steward at Notts County football club.
  • Before and after-school club assistant.
  • Community centre worker.
  • Primark shop assistant.

The workaholic also volunteers at a youth group and at St John Ambulance, as well as helping out as a badminton coach, football coach, life-saver and at a play group.

But there’s a dark side to all of this – Day may be pensions minister Steve Webb’s worst enemy.

His employment philosophy could really test Webb’s pot-follows member auto-enrolment pension proposal to the limit.