Employers reward staff for green behaviour

Copper Consultancy and Richmond Towers Communications are the first employers to launch a new employee engagement and reward programme, which is designed to help organisations embed a culture of sustainability and healthy living.

The programme, Jump: Healthy Planet – Healthy Team, rewards employees for taking positive steps that both improve the environment and enhance personal health and wellbeing.

Modules within the programme include cycling to work, recycling in the workplace, volunteering in the community, and monitoring personal fitness levels. 

Employees are rewarded with Green Points, a currency operated by Green Rewards that is already used by local councils across the UK to reward households for recycling. 

For each positive step, such as cycling a mile to work, employee earns Green Points that can be donated to selected charity projects or spent in the Green Rewards eShop on a range of more than 1,000 products and experiences. 

John Twitchen, executive director at Copper Consultancy, said: “Action speaks louder than words, and Jump provides all the ingredients for every member of staff to do just that.

“As an internal communications tool, it offers real benefits to organisations that want to engage staff in sustainability initiatives. And of course, it’s good for business; saving resources saves money. We can’t wait to get started.”

Rob Metcalfe, managing director at Richmond Towers Communications, added: “We already work for a number of organisations in the sustainability sector so ensuring that green thinking is ingrained in what we do at work makes absolute sense.

“Jump looks like a scheme that works very well on an individual level and we’re looking forward to a positive response from our team.”

Graham Simmonds, co-founder and managing director at Green Rewards, said: “Jump brings corporate responsibility and wellbeing together into one inclusive programme. 

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“We know that organisations want to reduce energy, support communities in which they operate, and retain a healthy, motivated workforce.

“Our new programme provides a practical and engaging way for them to achieve these objectives.”