Employee Benefits Summit 2013 speaker slides

Where speakers have given approval, we have uploaded the slides for sessions at the Employee Benefits Summit 2013

Restoring Confidence in Pensions
Stephen Gay, Director of Life, Savings and Protection, Association of British Insurers

Panel: The Future of Executive Pay and Bonuses
Deborah Hargreaves, Director, High Pay Centre
Roger Barker, Director of Corporate Governance and Professional Standards, Institute of Directors
Claire Morland, Former Head of Compensation, Man Group

How Can Engagement Drive a Business Turnaround?
Irene Stark, HR Director, ATS Euromaster 
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Are Health and Wellbeing Solutions Worth Investing in?
Susan Gee, Employee Health & Wellbeing Manager, Yorkshire Water
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Compensation and Benefits in a Challenging Business Climate
Anne Teggart, European Compensation and Benefits Lead, Sapient
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Consistency, Transparency and Flexibility in Today’s Approach to Global Mobility
Tim Wells, Director,Former Group Global Mobility Manager, Britvic Soft Drinks
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Workplace Flexibility as a Tool to Boost Productivity
Dr Steven Poelmans, Professor and Director of the Coaching Competency Center – EADA Business School
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Recrafting the Employee Value Proposition 
Andrew Garner, Author, Smart Moves – Successful Strategies and Tactics for Career Management and Non-Executive Director, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra