EXCLUSIVE: Unum extends online financial education to 130 Ireland-based staff

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EXCLUSIVE: Employee benefits provider Unum has extended its online financial education programme to 130 employees based at its Carlow operating site in Ireland.

The programme, provided by Nudge, was introduced at Unum Ireland on 21 May 2018 as part of the organisation’s overall global strategy. This seeks to create an organisational culture that supports the financial, emotional and physical wellbeing of Unum’s employees.

Unum originally launched the financial education programme for 800 UK-based employees in March 2017.

The financial education programme will enable Ireland-based employees to access an online platform, where employees and their families can receive personalised and confidential financial education. The platform uses news, data and behavioural psychology to tailor content to each employee.

Employees are also able to receive ‘nudges’ or notifications via their work or personal email, text or WhatsApp regarding noteworthy financial developments. These inform employees of any pertinent changes that may affect them, the potential impact and whether any action needs to be taken.

The online platform additionally lets employees set their financial goals, and establish plans to achieve them, across 24 areas. These areas include getting on the housing ladder, having a family, paying off debt or sending money home, for example.

The online financial education was launched to Ireland-based employees using an email campaign and line manager communications.

Carl Gagnon, assistant vice president of global retirement programmes at Unum, said: “Unum Ireland benefits from the best of both worlds, thriving on the energy, excitement and entrepreneurial spirit commonly found at a tech start-up, combined with the resources of a Fortune 500 [organisation]. We’re committed to providing our employees with the best tools and leading technologies available as part of their total reward and benefits package.

“We have a global vision to create a culture that supports the financial, emotional and physical wellness of our people. After seeing high levels of engagement and great feedback from our financial wellness programme in the UK, we’re delighted to extend this to our people in Ireland.”