Wates Group values benefit suitability over return on investment

The programme began with a successful pilot of a kiosk at the construction group’s Leatherhead site in April 2013.


Wates Group has yet to decide how it will monitor the return on investment (ROI) of the workplace health kiosks it is introducing this year.

But Melisa Hanratty, HR programme manager at Wates Group, says ROI is not the programme’s focus. “It is less about money and more about getting something that is right for the business and tangible for employees,” she says.

Hanratty arranged a robust beauty parade before choosing The Wellbeing Group as kiosk provider. She ranked contenders on a range of criteria, including commitment, communication, cost, quality and assurance management, and business ethics.

“We went out to market and considered a number of different options and our view was that we wanted something that was cost-neutral and modern, while engaging,” she says.

Wates is introducing two kiosks, which will be moved around its various sites between Glasgow and London.

The kiosks enable staff to track a range of health indicators, taking factors such as their weight, age and lifestyle into account.