Kate Nowlan: Health cover is vital for expatriate staff

It is fundamental that employers have the correct insurance cover in place for employees who are working overseas (Evacuation and repatriation cover for expatriates).

But when planning for staff to work or travel abroad, too many employers neglect to put in place plans to support the immediate and long-term health and wellbeing of employees who are away from home.

Research shows that up to 10% of people exposed to traumatic events, such as those requiring evacuation and repatriation, may experience longer-term symptoms that may interfere with their capacity to lead happy, productive lives.

Employers that ask their staff to travel overseas need to ensure emotional and practical support is available to them at all times, whether they are currently fit to work or the victim of a critical incident.

Without such a safety net, the long-term health and wellbeing of staff will be at risk and an organisation cannot expect its people to resolve or recover from a serious incident that takes place when working overseas.

Kate Nowlan is chief executive at CIC