More than half of employees are unaware of auto-enrolment

More than half of all employees are unaware that their employer will have to auto-enrol them into an occupational pension, according to research by Hymans Robertson.

The research found that 51% of employees did not know about auto-enrolment and of those that were aware, almost half said that they had not heard about it through their employer.

The findings also showed that around a quarter of employers (24%) are planning no additional, or minimal communication, with employees on the issue of auto-enrolment. Moreover, 24% are still undecided on the communications strategy to adopt.

Other findings include:

• 27% of employers said they will make an effort to communicate with employees about auto-enrolment

• 25% said that they have already started communicating auto-enrolment to employees

• 24% said they are yet to decide their communications strategy

•16% said they will not implement additional communications about pensions for the auto-enrolment

• 8% said they will keep communication about the changes to a minimum

Lee Hollingworth, head of DC at Hymans Robertson, said: “Implementing auto-enrolment can be an extremely complex process for the employer, but can also be confusing for the employees.

“While many organisations have limited resources to implement auto-enrolment and ensure compliance, it is essential effective communication is not neglected.”

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