Job vacancies for zombies

News that there are vacancies for zombies to work at a haunted manor house brings a whole new meaning to being stuck in a dead-end job.

The experience website wants to hire the scary recruits to battle with guests visiting its Zombie Manor House near Manchester.

And, according to the job advert, the new employees can expect to receive competitive pay and flexible hours. The successful applicants will also enjoy movie-quality make-up and prosthetics.

However, professionalism will be required at all times. The job advert said: “You might think that any old Made in Chelsea fan can just slope in, stick on some slap, and murmur brains while eating a bag of Skips. Nu-uh girlfriend. Being a zombie takes poise, skill and punctuality. It takes a very special type to scare the bejesus out of a group of accountants on a team-bonding awayday.”

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For this job at least, being a zombie at work is considered a good thing.

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