EXCLUSIVE: Nice Content launches to provide social media training for employees

A business called Nice Content has been launched to provide social media training for employees.

The service aims to help employers ensure their employees have the right skills to manage social media effectively. This in turn can help employees to make the most of social media sites like Twitter for personal use. Alternatively, employees can pay for their own training if they want to use social media for activities outside of work. Either way, the training would take place in the workplace. 

Web content specialist Iain Griffin, founder of Nice Content, said that while social media might be all the rage in sectors such as publishing, organisations with a long-established, more traditional set-up, may need assistance with their strategy. He says: “It is about trying to change practices that have been ingrained for 20 or 30 years.

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“The potential is there to reach thousands and millions of people in a relatively open social online gallery. This is not a case of the more money you spend the more successful you are. Success does not equate to money in the social media world. It is about technique. There is no one rule because obviously every business is different.” 

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