Clarity Global launches financial education website for employers and employees

Independent financial advice firm Clarity Global has launched a website to provide employers and employees with resources for financial education.

The website will offer employers:

  • The ability to deliver a foundation of financial education to all employees in a cost-effective manner.
  • Full personalisation, which allows employers to monitor employees’ use on the site including progress through education modules.
  • The ability to use the site as a support to any other financial education and advice.
  • The ability to link to other third-party service providers, including pension providers, flexible benefits platforms, auto-enrolment software and HR databases.

The website will offer employees:

  • Live feeds from providers to enable up-to-date valuations.
  • Learning modules, such as videos, podcasts, research notes and presentations.
  • Financial calculators to test all areas, including retirement, death and sickness.
  • The ability to transact online benefiting on nil without commission investment funds and individual savings accounts (Isas).

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