A third of respondents are ready for auto-enrolment

A third (31%) of respondents are ready for auto-enrolment, according to research by Jelf Employee Benefits.

The research, which was carried out last year, has found little improvement over the last 12 months. In 2011, 30% of respondents were prepared for auto-enrolment.

This year’s research found that employers are more aware of their specific start date for auto-enrolment duties. In 2011, 31% were not aware of their organisation’s start date, while 12% are unaware in 2012.

Despite this, only 42% of respondents have taken any concrete steps towards implementing auto-enrolment.

Steve Herbert, head of benefits strategy at Jelf Employee Benefits, said: “We are very concerned with the number of employers that still appear to be in denial about this issue.

“Auto-enrolment is not a theoretical exercise. Employers need to understand that it is going to happen and preparations need to be made in the very near future.

“Our message is clear: employers need to get their heads out of the sand and start getting prepared now.”

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