Healthcare Research 2011: International

There is an upward trend in the proportion of employers offering healthcare perks to expatriates and those running a multinational pooling trust, says Tynan Barton

A key attraction for internationally mobile employees is a comprehensive healthcare benefits package. This is perhaps not surprising as it can help to provide peace of mind that they will be taken care of should they require medical care while they are overseas.

More than a third of respondents have operations or divisions outside the UK. Of those, 6% do not offer healthcare benefits to expatriates, which is a slight improvement on the 10% that said the same in 2010.

Of the benefits that employers offer to expatriates, private medical insurance (PMI) for employees and employees’ dependants are the top two perks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the organisations that offer PMI for employees are medium to large organisations, with more than 500 employees.

A multinational pooling arrangement between an employer and insurer allows an organisation to manage costs and the risk of benefits by combining insured benefits into one pool. Despite the cost-efficiencies gained by running multinational pooling arrangements for health insurance benefits, more than two-thirds of employers (67%) with overseas operations do not operate one. Again, this is a slight improvement from 2010, when 86% of global employers said they did not operate a multinational pooling arrangement.


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