Prudential UK appoints pension scheme administrator

Prudential UK has appointed Xafinity Paymaster for the administration services of its money purchase pension (MPP) and group personal pension (GPP) schemes.

Linda Conner, customer services manager at Prudential, said: “Xafinity Paymaster has provided pensions administration services to Prudential for many years.

“Our decision to extend the activity undertaken by Xafinity Paymaster, following a competitive tender, is based on a proven transition process, seamless to our customers and the Xafinity Paymaster’s trusted relationship already in place with Prudential.”

Keith Boughton, director, insurance and payments at Xafinity Paymaster, added: “We are delighted to have secured the contracted extension of our services with Prudential.

“Xafinity Paymaster remains a specialist provider of pensions and annuity administration and this is a natural service extension for us.”

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