MHS Homes Group introduces health screening for staff

MHS Homes Group has introduced health screenings for its 305 employees.

The organisation, which manages 8,000 homes in the Medway area of Kent, will offer the employee-funded voluntary benefit bi-annually to staff. The health screenings will be provided by Screenetics.

Almost a third (100) of staff signed up for a health screening between November 2010 and March 2011, before the benefit launched.

The health screenings cover a core set of evidence-based tests that are carried out in the workplace. Results are available immediately so staff have the opportunity to discuss them with medical experts and can take away an action plan at the end of the session.

Colin McCarthy, head of human resources at MHS Homes Group, said: “A fit, healthy and productive workforce will strengthen any organisation.

“Having the health screenings in the office created a buzz that had staff engaging with their health in a way that had not been seen before.

“The educational aspect Screenetics delivers with its health checks leaves people with a much clearer understanding of the impact of their lifestyles.”

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