ITN adds perks to voluntary benefits scheme

ITN has added dental insurance, health cash plans, gym memberships and travel insurance to its My ITN voluntary benefits scheme.

The news organisation has also added a Merlin pass for discounted theme park entry, a dining-out card and a wine club to the online scheme it introduced in 2010.

To publicise the changes ITN held an onsite roadshow for its 700 employees to learn about the new benefits and interact with suppliers.

Sue Utting, compensation and benefits manager at ITN, said: “We had done a survey quite a while ago that said staff were interested in a more flexible approach to benefits so we picked a basket of slightly serious benefits and some fun ones.”

All benefits are employee-paid, and are available at different levels so that staff can share the perks with their partners or families.

Details of the benefits were communicated through banners, flyers, emails and the firm’s intranet.

“The take up has been very good,” added Utting. “We had 78% of staff make choices for 2011/12. All of the new benefits were taken up.

“The feedback has been very positive. In terms of where we go, it is watch this space to see what develops.”

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