Ernst and Young launches maternity coaching scheme for staff

Ernst and Young has launched a maternity coaching scheme for its staff.

The scheme, which has been taken up by over 240 employees, is part of the firm’s commitment to retain talented women and invest in their career development.

Participants in the scheme receive four tailored coaching sessions, which take place before, during and after their maternity leave.

The coaching covers issues such as managing relationships with clients and colleagues, exploring alternative work patterns, and re-integrating into the workplace.

Line managers with team members going on maternity leave also attend a dedicated coaching session on how to provide the right level of contact and support.

Liz Bingham, partner sponsor of the programme at Ernst and Young, said: “Maternity coaching is not about informing staff about our corporate policies.

“It is about giving our employees the confidence to have conversations about their working arrangements, keeping them informed while on leave, and helping them transition and reintegrate back into the workplace.

“The scheme was initially aimed at women and their line managers but the anecdotal feedback has been so positive that we are planning to open it out to new fathers.

“Becoming a parent is a life changing event and we recognise that fathers, as well as mothers, need help as they seek to adjust and balance their personal and professional commitments.”

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