Pensions roundtable: Engaging staff in pensions

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Editor’s comment

A few weeks ago, we gathered together leading pensions managers and experts at the Employee Benefits/Scottish Widows Pensions Roundtable to discuss the challenging issue of ‘Engaging staff in pensions’.

I often have to remind myself that just because those of us involved in benefits have some grasp of pensions, it does not mean the vast majority of people out there have any idea about, or interest in, the topic.

The onus is therefore on us as employers and experts to spread this knowledge in a way that is both appealing and easy to understand for British workers at all levels because we have a duty of care to ensure they do not retire in poverty because of lack of savings.

During the two-hour roundtable discussion, which took place after the Employee Benefits Pensions Summit down in Surrey in April, our panel of six experts came up with new and intriguing insights into how leading employers are engaging staff in pensions, as well as forward-thinking concepts using ideas from leading online brands and websites.

The bottom line is that although websites and intranets can be used to engage staff, these do not work on their own and invariably need word of mouth and face-to-face discussions for messages to be driven home.

We also filmed part of the discussion and you can view the 10-minute video online.

Debi O’Donovan, Editor